Welcome to the advertising section for VIBE FM!

If you’re here, you’re either curious to see what we can do for our clients or you might even be interested in taking-up a campaign on VIBE FM; whichever the case, here’s a little write-up of what you can expect from our team.
Don’t hold back and be ready for new ideas.

We strive to unlock our clients’ key strengths in the way that it ‘sounds’ best! That’s why we speak ‘listenerese’! We put our listeners first, always. From the music we play to the way we play it. We constantly identify and analyse what make listeners ‘tick’ and tirelessly endeavour towards executing radio which creates loyalty. Our listener language mastery will pave the way to get your message across in the best and fastest way possible, to our listeners, so your investment will take you further.

We love what we do and the ultimate satisfaction for us is when listeners tell us that we’re ‘their’ station! This makes your message ‘theirs’ too, it’s win-win all the way!

And we do this, not only by offering relevant strategy to identify the best place to get your message through, though by having the right advert. Our production team at VIBE FM have produced well over 4000 different radio adverts! They can produce any type of advert on the planet for you – with voices from a vast portfolio of worldwide talent.

Your advert will get our listeners to react and this will make your message much more memorable.

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